Friday, October 29, 2010

NEW items I made that I will be recording videos in for you guys!

Blk & Wht stripe long sleeve one piece/cat suit/bodysuit w/ blk lace sleeves

Capri one piece (top loose & off shoulder ....and the bottom part fitted)

Green Glitter Long dress w/ high split

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elastic band skirt (only on one side) (customer shots attached)

Full Lace Dress w/ hood (OLD)

Examples Of how I wore My GILBEAU bras

First One piece i played around w/ that i made the morn I wore it to a pool party


Kinda kiddie ish

Just a lil project..I drew the outfit & decided to make it :)

Didnt really like the turn out but it was the first time I drew something then made it...I'm NOT a sketcher ...I make my clothes mentally then actually make it...So that was exciting...

My actual Bday Dress I made a long w/ the drawing I did b4 making it

Hot pink & Blk Peace sign loose off the shoulder dress

Loose Off The Shoulder Dress (yes I make loose stuff too)

First Romper I ever made (last month) :)

Went out to see a friend for his bday last night & this is the dress I made

I should have waited to wear it but hey its no big deal i can just make a diff one ;) Def an awesome dress....Very simple design but a stand out print is what I always go for! TAKE NOTES LADIES! haha

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Romper I made on 9-11-10 morn to wear for the day :)

Turq. & Wht polka dot Romper w/ wht bow (VERY easy to make)

(In the infamous bathroom/office hahaha but anywho as you can see its the same material as one of my other design(s) i did a video on below.)

BACK VIEW (plain/reg)

Another Front shot :)